• Profit from Our Promise.

    Profit from Our Promise.

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  • American Quality at an Affordable Price.

    American Quality at an Affordable Price.

    Our pumps are made with your business in mind. We know you need quality at a reasonable price.


Honest. Professional. Dependable. 

Here at Ashland Pump, each product we make goes through extensive testing. For over 25 years we've not only delivered pumps that sell, we've delivered the promise of getting your order made correctly. We understand you’re running a business of your own. That means you need financial security in your inventory. Ashland Pump stands behind our products and our CSA/CUS approved facility.

Across the world, we've worked with businesses in every industry. The Ashland Pump name gives you the inventory your customers want for renowned results.  


Lab Tested Reliability



Our products are made with your end users in mind. We don't cut corners because we know how much quality matters here. We use pro-grade materials for a distinguished product that is worthy of the Ashland Pump name.

As a wholesaler, you need to have confidence in the product you're selling. Ashland Pump has our own lab facility to test our pumps for optimal performance. Selecting us comes with reliability and exceeded expectations. Choose the brand that gives you the highest quality of components that last.



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